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Our New Adult ADHD Support Group

The Owens Center for Biofeedback & Psychological Services is now offering a free Support/Self-Help Group for Adults with ADHD*. Meetings are held once a month, usually on the second Wednesday, with the main goal of providing information, education, support, and opportunities for self-help. The meetings are essentially educational in nature (it is not a treatment or therapy group), and are designed to give individuals a relaxed but informative environment where they can
- learn current information aabout ADHD.
- share and receive successful tactics and strategies on coping with ADD patterns and habits.
- learn about helpful resources
- meet other adults with ADD and share support, encouragement, as well as both successes and problems

*The term "ADHD" includes both of the two main types of ADHD: ADD with hyperactrivity-impulsivity, and ADD without hyperactrivity-impulsivity - sometimes commonlyy called "ADHD" vs "ADD." Technically, according to DSM-IV, the terms "ADHD, Inattentive Type," and "ADHD, Hyperactive-Impulsive Type," (and "ADHD, Combined Type"). However, we'll keep things as simple and will use all terms interchangably.

When –Where: Usually the Second Wednesday of the month, 6:45 – 8:00 at 1370 Bedford Dr-Ste 102 , Melbourne, Florida 32940 (at the Owens Center for Biofeedback & Psychological Services).

Who Should Attend: Adults who have either been professionally diagnosed with ADHD, or who have many of the symptoms and believe that they most likely have ADHD.

Regarding family members, significant others, and interested professionals, please note that the groups are open only to those individuals who have either been diagnosed with ADHD, or strongly suspect they have ADHD. Family members, significant others, and professionals will be invited to future meetings that are specifically structured to include them.

How to Join and Attend: There is no charge, but you need let us know by email ( or by telephone if you are planning to attend the next meeting by the Monday before each of the Wednesday meetings.

On the day of the meeting, check the scrolling banner across the top of home page of our website ( to check the up-to-the -minute status of the meeting (to see if there have been any last-minute changes or cancellations).

As a reminder, please note that the purpose of these meetings is to offer education, information, and support -- not professional treatment.

Format: These are professionally-lead meetings presented in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with a topic-oriented focus and structure. There will be a brief presentation (10 – 15 minutes) of a topic related to ADHD by Dr. Owens or another designated professional, followed by group discussion, questions, and sharing of ideas. Some of the topics include:

- What is ADHD and how do you know if you have it?
- What do you say to others who say that ADHD is an environment where excuse?”
- Time management, organization skills, Procrastination management
- Managing the Negative Self Critic, Accepting Oneself
- Relationship management--Dealing with Significant Others
- Parenting Challenges
- Finding Vocational Choices that are ADD Friendly
- Learning Relaxation, Self-Calming Skills, and Improving Mental Focus
- Enhanced Assertiveness and Anger Management
- Information on Medication Management and Adjustment

Owens Center 
1370 Bedford Drive, Suite 102 
Melbourne, Florida  32940  
Phone:  (321) 757-6321 

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